Tara Motzenbecker LMHC

4071 Bee Ridge Rd
Suite 204
Sarasota, Florida 34233
Phone: 9413574090
Narrative of Services:

About 15-25% of the practice is OCD and related disorders. We also see children with other anxiety disorders and disruptive behaviors as well as children with PANS/PANDAS presenting with all of these concerns. I have treated about 10 individuals with OCD and related disorders.

We provide a sliding scale in this private practice setting so that a wider range of families of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds are able to access services and do not require having insurance. We aim to be accessible for as many families as possible.

Training Description:

I have been waiting to be accepted for a pediatric BTTI. I have completed the MGH Psychiatry Academy CBT for OCD in children course. I have read recommended readings on OCD. I have used ERP with child and teen clients. I work for a practice run by a child psychologist who completed the pediatric BTTI and supervises all of my OCD and BFRB cases. There are a lack of trained providers in our so I am eager to continue my training and further develop my expertise.

I have trained and worked in a variety of settings including a juvenile detention center, high-need schools in Washington DC, Maryland, Rhode Island and Florida, and at non-profit agencies. I completed two master’s level courses in Social and Multicultural Competence and am trained in the use of a variety of culturally diverse assessment tools. I strive to provide culturally informed services across the board.