Emily Odom LPC

7 Pettigru St.
Greenville, South Carolina 29601
ADA Accessible
Phone: 864-235-7501
Narrative of Services:

I work primarily with OCD, anxiety and trauma clients. About 50% of my client population struggle with OCD, 10% with OCD related disorders (tics, excoriation disorder, emetophobia, body dysmorphic disorder). The other 40% of my clients are trauma or trauma related disorders including anxiety.

Training Description:

Intensive Workshop in Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for OCD through the Center for Anxiety and Behavioral Therapy (www.centerabt.com)

Diversity Statement:

I am trained in multicultural counseling and have worked with multiple races/cultures/ethnicities during my career. I strive to encourage clients to gage their comfort level around working with a therapist of a different culture/ethnicity/race and support their decision with either referrals or openness about our differences.

I worked with the underserved female population in Houston, TX for two years; working with a variety of immigrant, latinx and black populations.