Tracy Olender LPCPC

2200 W. Higgins
Suite 150
Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60169
Phone: 7733301730
Narrative of Services:

At this time, 25% of the client’s that I am seeing have OCD, BDD, and trichotillomania. The remaining clients that I am seeing are being treated for generalized anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and adjustment disorders.

Training Description:

I attended the BTTI training for OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders in 2014. Since I received this training, I was receiving regular supervision with the director of my group practice, who has also received the BTTI training, until I left the practice in January of 2020. I attend workshops and seminars regularly to continue gaining knowledge in the field of OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders.

I regularly attend workshops/seminars that focus on cultural competency and working with diverse populations.