Kristina Orlova LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist
3245 Geary Blvd
San Francisco, California 94118
Phone: 415-819-7365
Narrative of Services:

KOR Results OCD & Anxiety Specialist offers the following:

• Intensive Outpatient Program for OCD – 24 hours IOP Program (tele-therapy for CA residents)
• Weekly individual tele-therapy services – 30 min and 45 min sessions (for CA residents)
• Intensive Day long service for OCD- per diem (for CA residents)
• Family accommodation reduction consultation sessions for OCD and anxiety safety behaviors (for any location, coaching format)
• Exposure and Response Prevention Practice (ERP)
• Inference based CBT Practice (ICBT)
• Acceptance Commitment Therapy Practice (ACT)
• Assessment

You can see our list of services here:

Training Description:

Kristina has been specializing in OCD & Anxiety Treatment since fall of 2017. She has been in the mental health field since 2006. She is a therapist with lived experience meaning she has OCD.

• Inference Based CBT- Dr. Frederick Aardema, Gina Abbodante, Bronwyn Shroyer
• SPACE Training- Dr. Eli Lebowitz
• Behavior Therapy Training Institute (BTTI)- CBT/ERP for OCD – Dr. Pollard, Dr. Wagner, Dr.Bjorgvinsson, Dr. Davidson, Dr. Mouton-Odum
• Acceptance Commitment Therapy
• Art and Science of Treating OCD- Dr. Grayson
• Intensive CBT – Dr. Jeff Riggenbach
• Motivational Interviewing
• Mindfulness

Diversity Statement:

KOR Results serves a diverse population as OCD impacts everyone. Kristina has worked with people from various ethnic backgrounds. At KOR Results Kristina has honest and open conversations about how someones cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic experience impacts their life and OCD. Together we collaborate and always put everything in context to fully understand how OCD functions and how to tailor treatment. At KOR Results OCD and Anxiety Specialist we promote inclusion and diversity and integrating evidence based therapies.

Prior mental health experience includes SF Suicide Prevention, CPMC, Seneca Family of Agencies, Shanti Women’s Breast Cancer Program, and The Gateway Institute which have provided opportunities to work with a wide range of people from various backgrounds and ages. Each company has provided diversity training. As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Kristina attends regular trainings (including diversity trainings) to ensure she is up to date with her license.