Zach Pacha LISW

Social Worker


3636 Westown Parkway STE 202
West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
ADA Accessible
Phone: 5155051666
Narrative of Services:

Our percentage of work with OCD does vary but at least 50-60% of our clients have OCD diagnosis or related disorder. It is really difficult to estimate the number, but it is at least past five hundred and continually growing.

Training Description:

Since 2016, 60-75% of my caseload is OCD or OCD related clients. I’ve provided thousands of hours of quality ERP sessions. Two years post graduate training from UIHC staff through the community mental health block grant. In addition to BTTI, completed 8 consultation sessions with IOCDF Scientific Advisory Board member. Currently train students and employees on ERP and related treatment.

Diversity Statement:

I worked at one of the largest community mental health centers in the state of Iowa for over seven years. Here I was fortunate enough to work with a large variety of cultures and backgrounds. A majority of my career has been spent in non-profit work. This has led me to work with a vast array of different cultures, ethnicities, and religions.