Arthur W. Peskind PhD

1229 Madison St.
Nordstrom Medical Tower, Suite 1010
Seattle, Washington 98104
Narrative of Services:

I provide outpatient psychotherapy services to adults and adolescents as a licensed Clinical Psychologist. My treatment approach for OCD depends on the specific problems experienced by the OCD sufferer, but usually includes an explanation and rationale for what OCD is and why exposure and habituation work, collaboratively creating specific homework assignments for ERP (behavioral, cognitive, or both), and training and practice in cognitive restructuring. There is a monthly OCD support group for the community on the same medical center campus where my practice is located.

Training Description:

After training in CBT for anxiety disorders from 1979 to 1982, I received training in ERP in a three-day intensive workshop. I have had additional workshop training in treating Trichotillomania and other OC related disorders, as well as numerous workshops related to OCD treatment between 1982 and the present. The precentage of peopel I have treated with OCD gradually increased from 5% of my full-time practice in 1983 to around 60% by 1990 and continuing to the present.