Amanda Petrik-Gardner LCPC, LPC, LIMHP

2524 SW Chauncey Drive
Topeka, Kansas 66614
United States
ADA Accessible
Phone: 785-477-9117
Narrative of Services:

Amanda’s clinic only serves individuals with OCD, BFRBS and anxiety disorders.

Training Description:

Amanda Petrik-Gardner, LCPC, LPC, LIMHP, specializes in the treatment of OCD, Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting), and anxiety disorders. She completed the Behavior Therapy Training Institute through the International OCD Foundation. She is a member of the IOCDF and TLC Foundation for BFRBs. Amanda is also currently on the OCD Kansas Board of Directors, an affiliate of the IOCDF, and has presented for the IOCDF Conferences.
Amanda provides teletherapy to Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Michigan, Maine, Arizona, and Florida residents at this time.

Diversity Statement:

Amanda Petrik-Gardner is licensed to practice in Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri, Michigan, Maine, and is also a telehealth approved provider in Florida