Katharine A. Phillips MD


Professor of Psychiatry and DeWitt Wallace Senior Scholar, Weill Cornell Medical College, and Attending Psychiatrist, New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Weill Cornell Psychiatry Specialty Center
315 East 62nd St.
New York, New York 10065
ADA Accessible
Phone: 646-962-2820
Narrative of Services:

As a board-certified psychiatrist, I evaluate and treat a very broad range of mental disorders. I specialize in body dysmorphic disorder, olfactory reference syndrome (disorder), OCD, excoriation (skin-picking) disorder, and trichotillomania. A majority of my current patients have one of these disorders. I also have expertise in mood and anxiety disorders. I have treated thousands of patients over more than 30 years. I provide one-time consultations, prescribe medication, and provide cognitive-behavioral therapy for body dysmorphic disorder and olfactory reference syndrome (disorder).

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

As a board-certified psychiatrist, I evaluate and treat a very broad range of co-occurring disorders, with expertise in mood and anxiety disorders.

Training Description:

I graduated with honors from Dartmouth Medical School and did my psychiatry residency at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. I am a board-certified psychiatrist. I have conducted many research studies on body dysmorphic disorder and OCD, have published more than 350 scientific papers and book chapters, and have authored, co-authored, or edited 11 books, most on BDD and other obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders. I am a psychopharmacologist and am also trained in CBT and other types of therapy. With Drs. Sabine Wilhelm and Gail Steketee, I developed and tested CBT for BDD and co-authored a CBT manual for treatment of BDD.