Tia Piacquadio LPCC

6797 N. High St. Suite 214
Worthington, Ohio 43085
ADA Accessible
Phone: 330-623-5947
Narrative of Services:

Approximately 50-60% of my current caseload consists of individuals diagnosed with OCD. My therapeutic process begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine client symptoms and needs, followed by collaborating with the client to build an individualized treatment plan. I incorporate various treatment approaches (ERP, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, etc.). Throughout the treatment process, I provide continuous psycho education, support and guidance to empower clients in achieving their therapeutic goals. I also provide information (when appropriate) about my shared personal experience as someone who was previously diagnosed with (and successfully treated for) OCD.

Training Description:

I’ve treated clients with OCD for the previous 6 years. I have attended 4 International OCD Foundation conferences and I remain up to date on current research and treatment methods via continuing education.