Shauna Pilloff, LCSW

Social Worker
5500 East Atherton Street
Long Beach, California 90815
Phone: 562-285-7153

Narrative of Services:

100% of my practice is being treated for anxiety or related disorders, and approximately 1/3 of my practice is in ERP treatment for OCD.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders :

I also provide trauma treatment using Prolonged Exposure for teens and adults and Trauma-Focused CBT for children and teens.

Training Description:

I provide individual treatment to adults, teens and kids with OCD. I also provide SPACE to parents who have a child with OCD/anxiety disorders. For individual treatment, I provide Exposure and Response Prevention and ACT. I have attended several trainings specific to the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders including, but not limited to a 4 day intensive ERP training, ERP/ACT for youth with OCD and anxiety and SPACE. I also attend several consultation groups specific to OCD. In June 2022, I will begin a 32 week ERP for OCD consultation/certification program.

Diversity Statement:

I have been providing services to multicultural populations since 2005 including Caucasian, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Black, etc.