Janet Reckard, LCSW

Social Worker
2416 E. Washington St.
Suite A6
Bloomington, Illinois 61704

Narrative of Services:

I have been employed full time in a public school district for 21 years now, so my private practice has been very part time. I see approximately 2-3 people weekly and can afford to be very selective. About half of my practice is realted to OCD or panic, with children, adolescents and adults. I have attended many seminars as well as the IOCDF Annual Conference and I try to stay current by reading books and the IOCDF quarterly newsletter. I was invited to share my techniques with a local hospital-based clinic several years ago. I individualize programs based in ERP and cognitive behavioral techniques and have developed several of my own supplemental techniques which I believe have been very effective.

Training Description:

I have my MSW and LCSW. I have always leaned towards a Cognitive Behavioral orientation and was therefore invited by a local psychiatrist to contractually treat patients with OCD about 17 years ago. I was so intrigued by this work that when I began a private practice shortly thereafter I decided to specialize in treatment of anxiety disorders, especially OCD. At one point I was asked to start an OCD support group, in which I participated without compensation; however, the group disintegrated as I took on more of a consultative role.