Nicholas Reichert LISW-S

Social Worker
169 S Liberty St
Powell, Ohio 43065
ADA Accessible
Phone: 614-506-9471
Narrative of Services:

He sees an array of mental health disorders with a large percentage of his patients with OCD and other OC related disorders. He generally treats these patients with therapies such as ERP, CBT, ACT, and DBT. Types he has treated include harm OCD, scrupulosity OCD, sexual obsessions, hit and run OCD, perfectionism OCD, somatic OCD, and real event OCD. He incorporates exposure and response prevention with all of his patients that he is treating for OCD. Nick’s philosophy is that every patient is an individual first. He practices with individualized compassionate care tailored to each patient.

Training Description:

Nicholas Reichert is a licensed independent social worker with supervisory status. He previously provided both inpatient and crisis mental health services. He has treated patients with OCD both in the private sector as well as for the state of Ohio.