Cindy L. Richetti, LMHC

100 Executive Way
Suite 200
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida 32082

Narrative of Services:

After establishing rapport, we detail symptoms and discuss other facets of his life. After all, he is more than his OCD. He learns how OCD operates and how treatment works, leaving with hope. He will be asked to name and draw his OCD, and to write a detailed essay about what his life will be like without OCD. The latter serves as a symptom survey. Subsequent sessions will involve identifying and reporting on Exposure/Response Prevention homework, rating the severity of each activity. Imaginal exposure scripts may be assigned. Overcoming OCD is serious business, but can also be enjoyable and empowering.

Training Description:

In the thirteen years that I have been in private practice, I have taken numerous courses in OCD treatment, both self-study and workshop formats. The greatest part of my education, however, has come from the scores of clients who have allowed me to work with them as they overcome the effects of this challenging condition.