Nina Rifkind, LCSW

Social Worker
76 Broadway
Suite 200E
Denville, New Jersey 06834

Narrative of Services:

The practice serves children, adolescent and adults, from age 7-85. At any given time, the percentage of clients with OCD and/or OC Related Disorders, is between 30%-40%.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: No

Training Description:

I completed the Pediatric BTTI offered at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Wisconsin, in April 2017 and am in the process of completing my follow-up calls.

In addition, I am an active participant in monthly, group video-conference consultations with leading experts, from across the U.S., in OCD and related disorders.

I specialize in the treatment of other anxiety-based disorders, including Panic Disorder, with or without Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety and also Major Depressive Disorder, many of which can overlap with OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders. The treatment structure is determined on a case by case basis, to best suit the needs of each individual.

Diversity Statement:

The practice has always worked with and continues to welcome clients of varying cultural backgrounds. As a Social Worker, our licensing requires a degree of training, annually, that focuses on work with racially and ethnically diverse populations. If someone is in need, we are honored to be chosen as their service provider.