Elana Rimler PsyD


Clinical Psychologist

56 Melrose Road
Dix Hills, New York 11746
Phone: 917-833-5069
Narrative of Services:
I provide individual, family and group therapy in a private practice setting. When appropriate, I may utilize virtual reality as an exposure therapy. 25% of my caseload carries a diagnosis of OCD.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): Yes
Training Description:

I have been a practicing psychologist for over 15 years. While in private practice now, I led a Partial Hospital Program as well as an Adult Outpatient Department for over 6 years and worked with patients with various diagnoses, including OCD. More recently, I have taken on numerous Tourette and OCD cases in my practice. I plan to attend a BTTI as well as the upcoming conference.

In addition to my doctorate, I carry a masters degree in counseling from Teachers College, Columbia University. While attending the program, I had extensive didactic and experiential exposure multicultural provision of treatment and supervision. I often weave someone’s religious and cultural experiences into my work and use this understanding to connect and treat my patients.