Emily E Risinger MS, ATR, LPCC

1503 Willis Ave
South St. Paul, Minnesota 55075
ADA Accessible
Phone: 612-564-5717
Website: http://ocdmn.com
Narrative of Services:

Emily has practice CBT for 8 years and has had a focus on ERP for three years. Emily gained experience in ERP after opening an Intensive Outpatient Program for OCD at a local clinic. She provides services for all types of OCD, Tics/Tourette’s, hair-pulling and other BFRBs. Emily has received specific training for BFRBs through the Trichotillomania Learning Center. Emily attends Continuing Ed classes and listens related podcasts, reads books or articles of first-hand accounts of individuals with OCD or Anxiety to stay up-to-date.

Training Description:

Emily became familiar with Exposure Response Prevention when working at a clinic that specializes in OCD treatment. Emily continues to implement and use these skills in her private practice which provides a blend of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. Sessions are focused first and foremost on exposures. Treatment also includes identifying unhelpful thinking styles, thought defusion strategies, breathing techniques, and relapse prevention planning. She has created a coloring book titled “Braving Uncertainty: An Exposure Coloring Book for Those Living with OCD or Related Disorders.”

Diversity Statement:

In 2010 Emily graduated with her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Human Relations. Emily’s interest in advocacy continued as she studied for her Masters in Art Therapy with a concentration in Counseling, graduating in 2013. Her thesis topic was on Social Action Art Therapy projects for under-served populations in mental health.