Alice Rizzi, PsyD



620 Wilson Ave
Suite 504
Brooklyn, New York 11207
Phone: 2016850658

Narrative of Services:

I offer weekly to twice weekly ERP for clients who are ready to work on their OCD. About half of my clients come in for OCD, and the other half for general anxiety and stress and/or desire to learn about mindfulness.
LGBTQIA-friendly, BIPOC welcoming, sex positive, and overall all-inclusive toward people who are willing and open for growth.
Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels (ADA accessible): Yes

Training Description:

I’ve been working with clients with OCD for over a year and I engage in supervision and consultation with other OCD specialists. For the past year about 80% of my clients came in with OCD, especially the “Pure-O” type. Common themes I’ve treated include sexual orientation OCD, relationship OCD, COVID and other contamination OCD, in addition to perfectionism, generalized anxiety, and social anxiety. Since graduate school I’ve been specializing in anxiety, mindfulness, and OCD with young adults/professionals and couples.

I grew up and attended college in NYC and graduate school in Philadelphia. Diversity has been strongly emphasized in all my training and personal development, and I’m constantly learning from my clients’ personal experiences.