Heidi Ronfeldt, PhD

5297 College Ave, Suite 101
Oakland, California 94618

Narrative of Services:

I am a cognitive behavioral therapist. I have received specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy for OCD and related disorders, i.e., hair pulling, skin picking, Tics/Tourette Syndrome. I have been treating kids, teens, and adults with these problems since I was licensed in 2000.

Training Description:

I received my B.A. from Amherst College and my Ph.D. from the University of Georgia. After I was licensed in 2000, I moved to Boston where I worked part time in a group practice treating youths and adults. I also worked part time as a research coordinator for a study at Shriners Burns Hospital and Harvard Infant Study, and I was appointed an Instructor at Harvard University. After I returned to California, I started my own private practice in Oakland. I have been treating youths and adults with OCD and related disorders since I was licensed in 2000.