Dina Scolan LCPC

2805 Butterfield Road
Suite 120
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523
ADA Accessible
Phone: 630-522-3124
Narrative of Services:

The OCD and Anxiety Center provides innovative, evidenced based treatment to individuals of all ages and their families. Treatment schedule depends on the severity of symptoms and needs of each individual client. We have the capacity to provide individualized intensive treatment, home visits and community based sessions.

OCD often happens along side anxiety, depression, panic disorder, social phobia and BFRBs. I have been trained in using evidence based interventions for these disorders. Individual and family sessions are an important part of successful treatment. I have the flexibility to offer individualized intensive treatment (3-5x a week) and sessions can take place in the office, at the clients home or in the community.

Training Description:

I have been a licensed therapist specializing in anxiety for 24 years at all levels of care utilizing CBT, ERP, ACT and DBT.