David Shanley, PsyD

1776 South Jackson Street
Suite 800
Denver, Colorado 80210

Narrative of Services:

The focus of my practice is on treating adults with Anxiety disorders and OCD. Over 1/3 of my clients have OCD or OC related disorders specifically, and the rest are struggling with other Anxiety disorders. I also run a therapy group for adults with Social Anxiety Disorder. I use a combination of ERP, ACT, and CBT to help clients overcome their OCD, Anxiety and other fears, and learn to start living a healthier, more flexible life.

Training Description:

I graduated from the University of Denver in 2013 with my PsyD. I then immediately went into private practice, focusing on the treatment of individuals with Anxiety disorders and OCD, and I worked under the supervision of a local OCD expert/behaviorist in Denver, CO until I became independently licensed. I am attending the upcoming BTTI on Sept 30-Oct 2 in Boston. I focused on training in ACT, CBT and ERP during my doctoral program.