Andrew Shaw LCMHC

Narrative of Services:

I offer individual therapy for adult clients who are seeking to do the hard work of growth within a supportive environment. I would estimate that 20% of my practice focuses on OCD. I also work with clients who experience perfectionism and/or obsessive compulsive personality traits.

Training Description:

I have been treating OCD patients since 2019. I participated in a 4 day intensive continuing education training on OCD and OCD treatment, as well as a multi-part lecture series on OCD and treatment presented by a subject matter expert who is a member of the IOCDF advisory board. I seek out additional information on OCD, including from the IOCDF’s online presentations. My training has focused on ERP, and I have additional background in ACT as well.

Diversity Statement:

I enjoy working with clients from a diversity of backgrounds and strive to be culturally responsive in my work. One of my particular areas of focus is LGBTQIA+ affirming mental health care.

My goal is to be respectful and responsive to clients, especially when it comes to clients’ cultural backgrounds and life experiences. This is especially important given the the bias, discrimination, mistreatment, and abuse that occurs, both generally within our society and specifically within healthcare / mental healthcare. Although I do have training in multicultural counseling, I would never claim to be culturally competent. Rather, I view this is as an ongoing process of learning, growth, and practice.