Bethany Shikatani PhD

226 Massachusetts Ave, Suite 2A
Arlington, Massachusetts 02474
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I provide individual weekly or twice weekly CBT and ERP for clients with OCD and anxiety disorders, with the majority of my practice consisting of clients who struggle with OCD and related difficulties.
I am also the director of Cambridge Psychology Group’s (CPG) Intensive CBT Program for Anxiety and OCD, which is a 2-week accelerated exposure-based program for clients age 16+ with OCD, panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety, or specific phobia. Clients meet 1-on-1 with a team of highly qualified clinicians for a total of 18 hours to learn CBT skills and complete 10+ hours of supervised in-person exposures.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

Clients often come to therapy with several emotional difficulties, including OCD, anxiety, and depression. I conduct a thorough, structured assessment to determine the principal diagnosis (or co-principal diagnoses) and target our treatment accordingly, in collaboration with the client’s goals. Clients often find that the symptoms of their other diagnoses (such as depressive symptoms) typically improve as well, even if we are primarily focusing on treating the OCD or anxiety for example.

Training Description:

I have more than 14 years of experience working with adults and adolescents with OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, sleep problems, perfectionism, depression, and other conditions. My prior experience and training are as follows:
-Clinical assistant professor at Boston University
-Clinical psychologist at the world-renowned Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders (CARD)
-PhD in clinical psychology from Toronto Metropolitan University under the mentorship of an internationally-recognized expert in anxiety disorders
-Internship at University of Chicago Medical Center
-Postdoctoral fellowship at CARD at Boston University

Diversity Statement:

I am a woman of color and highly value and enjoy working with individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities, including ethnic, racial, gender, and sexual minorities. I am committed to practicing with cultural humility and actively seek out continued learning and education opportunities in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion.