Jeremy Shuman PsyD

967 Gardenview Office Parkway
St. Louis, Missouri 63141
ADA Accessible
Phone: 3155619757
Narrative of Services:

Dr. Shuman offers CBT for OCD as the focus as the primary focus of his practice, using ERP or I-CBT dependent on appropriateness and client preference. He also has a secondary niche in general counseling for high-achieving professionals in the fields of medicine and academics. Dr. Shuman has treated around 100 clients with OCD, and more than half of his current clients have the diagnosis. Dr. Shuman teaches a seminar on treating OCD with ERP, supervises junior clinicians learning to treat OCD, and is a consultant for clinicians on the topics of OCD co-occurring with Autism as well as I-CBT.

Training Description:

Dr. Jeremy Shuman is a licensed psychologist with more than a decade of experience treating OCD with evidence-based practices. He earned a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN, and completed post-doctoral training at Community Reach Center in Denver, CO. After licensure, he completed the BTTI training program through IOCDF. He receives ongoing consultation from IOCDF faculty, participates in regular peer consultation, attends the national conference, and has a special interest in continuing education for all things related to OCD.

Diversity Statement:

Dr. Shuman is an advocate for social justice, designs treatment to be neurodiversity affirming, practices therapy from an LGBTQ+ affirmative stance, and continually engages with anti-racist training and self-study. He has particular expertise in building self awareness about the function of traits that commonly overlap between OCD and a variety of forms of neurodivergence. He understands the role of intersectionality in personal experience with identity. He also is comfortable with treating OCD themes surrounding sexuality, gender, and race. Dr. Shuman will never use behaviorism in a coercive way or suggest that perpetual masking of symptoms is an acceptable treatment outcome.

Dr. Shuman has attended countless cultural competency trainings on a diverse array of topics. DEIA training and self-study is integral to competent psychotherapy, and Dr. Shuman gets a kick out of de-colonizing evidence based practice.