Jedidiah Siev PhD


Assistant Professor

940 E. Haverford Road
Suite 301
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 19010
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I specialize in OCD and related disorders, and have a particular interest in scrupulosity. My approach is cognitive behavioral and firmly grounded in the empirical treatment literature. I offer exposure and response prevention, and draw on other CBT techniques as appropriate. Especially in the context of scrupulosity, I am cognizant of the importance of adapting ERP so it is effective and also consonant with the individual’s values.

Training Description:

I have considerable experience working with individuals who have OCD, BDD, tic disorders, and anxiety disorders. I completed my graduate training at the University of Pennsylvania, and then my internship and post-doctoral training at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. At Penn and MGH, I trained with several members of the IOCDF Scientific Advisory Board. Before moving back Philadelphia, where I am on faculty at Swarthmore College, I directed the Anxiety Treatment Center and its OCD and Related Disorders Program – which I established – at Nova Southeastern University. In 2013, I was a Beck Institute Scholar.

Diversity Statement:

I have a particular interest in working with individuals who have scrupulosity, for whom OCD has become entangled with their religious or moral values. I have had scrupulous patients from a number of religious backgrounds, as well as those with secular moral scrupulosity. In all cases, I strive to help patients disentangle OCD from religion/morality so that they lead lives that are consistent with their beliefs and values without the influence of OCD. Among other things, this means that we find ways to violate OCD rules and rituals without violating religious or moral rules, rituals, and values.