Bianca Simmons LPC

PO box 50503
Houston, TX 77008
ADA Accessible
Phone: 8327911799
Narrative of Services:

No matter who I see, I always try to meet the client where they are at with what they need. This can include individual sessions, family sessions, intensive sessions, or even in-home if necessary. Out of all the clients I see currently, 98% are struggling with OCD related symptoms and the remaining percentage is specific phobias.

Training Description:

I have been working with OCD extensively for almost 6 years and received all of my training from McLean OCD Institute // Houston formerly known as Houston OCD Program. This included a 3 – 4 week employee training, weekly trainings from psychologists at the clinic, weekly individual supervision with several senior OCD specialist that were/are employed by the clinic, and additional trainings from OCD specialists outside the clinic, and direct clinical work 40 hrs a week.

Diversity Statement:

One of my life goals is to make therapy more assessible in multicultural populations because often times they are the ones that need therapy the most. If you are feeling nervous about making that first step, schedule a phone consultation so we can discuss your concerns. No commitment to therapy required. I can address any questions or concerns you might have better through discussion than I can from you reading my bio and this is a legitimate concerns that deserves discussion 🙂

A handful of my clients come from ethnical population where therapy is considered a taboo subject and is often frowned upon. This is a topic that has come up in most of those clients sessions and they reported it was helpful for them to discuss this aspect of seeking treatment. Several clients also reported that processing this information gave them more confidence in their treatment journey. I have also personally experienced how difficult it can be to explain your decision to go to therapy to family. I know it can be difficult and I am here to help.