Kristin M Sims-Cutler PhD


Garland District Counseling Services PLLC

701 W 7th Ave
Spokane, Washington 99204
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Approximately 85% of my practice is comprised of OCD and/or OCD Related disorders. I have treated over 100 individuals with OCD and/or OCD Related disorders since 2013.

Approximately 15% of my practice involves psycho-educational testing and identification of learning disabilities.

Training Description:

2013 Pediatric BTTI Roger’s Memorial Hospital
Have practices psychotherapy for 16 years, and have treated OCD since 2013.
I have a PhD in Educational Psychology, and participate in Continuing Education related to OCD and Related Disorders.
My BTTI Supervisor in 2013 is affiliated with the IOCDF, and currently with Florida State University.
I regularly attend the IOCDF annual conferences and partake of additional OCD training opportunities.

Diversity Statement:

I grew up living in various parts of the United States, and have been involved with a variety of multicultural populations socially over the years, as well as in my practice.

I have participated in cultural competency education through my PhD, and through Continuing Education courses.

I have been trained in the area of cultural competency through my PhD program and Continuing Education courses.

I have worked with African Americans, Chinese Americans, Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender individuals within my private practice.