Karen Sims PhD

6284 S Rainbow Blvd
Suite 110
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118
Narrative of Services:

I primarily conduct neuropsychological evaluations in order to yield diagnosis and achieve optimal treatment outcome. Consequnetly, a small percentage of my practice is devoted to treatment. Of those individuals that I treat, approximately 60% have OCD and related disorders.

I am a pediatric neuropsychologist providing comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for children and adolescents. I also provide treatment to a small number of children, adolescents, and adults and specialize in using evidence-based practices.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

My training with anxiety disorders started in graduate school and throughout my internship. I developed my skills for treating individuals with OCD and related disorders during my postdoctoral work. An an evidenced-based practitioner, I frequently attend workshops and trainings to further my therapeutic skills.