Rebecca Sinner LCSW-C

Social Worker
211 East Fort Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21230
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

I primarily love working with clients who have OCD. I see clients of all ages for OCD and I have a special interest and training in Pediatric OCD and Perinatal/Postpartum OCD.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I help clients who have experienced trauma and have OCD. I coach clients through Inference-Based CBT skills to treat their trauma and OCD.

Training Description:

I have taken trainings on OCD and Anxiety Disorders through CBI Center For Education, including how to provide ERP and Exposure Therapy for OCD, Social Anxiety, and Phobias. I am a member of the AT Parenting Community and have taken courses for clinicians so I can better help families. I am trained in I-CBT and have created my own curriculum that I have successfully used with clients.

Diversity Statement:

I continue to take trainings and learn from a diverse community of mental health providers and parenting coaches, both in how to improve my cultural competency, as well as how they approach different aspects related to mental health and parenting, as a member of a diverse population and just as a person with expertise.