Christen Sistrunk LPC

4203 Montrose
Suite 480
Houston, Texas 77006
Phone: 832-283-9199
Narrative of Services:

Currently, I utilize practices taught at the BTTI to treat OCD and OC Related disorders. Along with utilizing ERP with clients, I encourage clients to utilize mindfulness skills during exposures, values identification, and self-compassion to aid in them in the pursuit of their treatment goals. To date, I have treated over 100 OCD and OC Related disorders.

Often individuals with OCD and OC Related disorders suffer from depression or other anxiety related disorders. I utilize CBT skills, ACT, and self-compassion to treat these co-occuring disorders.

Training Description:

I have been working with OCD clients since 2010 in residential, intensive, and outpatient settings. I currently work with clients on an outpatient and intensive basis as needed. I have worked with the Houston OCD Program for the past 6 years and currently work in a private practice setting. I attended the Houston BTTI and worked with a supervisor from The Anxiety Wellness Center.

Diversity Statement:

I have been able to work with many cultures in the greater Houston area, though while at the Houston OCD Program and currently in private practice, I find that the client population tends to be primarily Caucasian or Hispanic.

Multicultural training was an important part of my graduate program. During my graduate work, I participated in a multicultural counseling course and do my best to educate myself on multicultural topics through continuing education when possible.

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