Mika Smith-Low LCSW-S

Social Worker
1175 Kinwest Pkwy
Irving, Texas 75063
ADA Accessible
Phone: 214-940-9089
Narrative of Services:

My client load is about 75% OCD or related disorders (skin-picking and hair-pulling). The majority of my clients have also experienced trauma or meet criteria for PTSD and identify as LGBTQ+.

Training Description:

I have worked with OCD for nearly 5 years, primarily in private practice. I completed the BTTI through IOCDF in 2020 and have continued to engage in specialized trainings and continuing education related to OCD and its treatment. I have also provided consultation for others working with OCD and completed advanced training in treating OCD co-occurring with PTSD.

Diversity Statement:

I primarily serve members of the LGBTQ+ community.

I have professional training in LGBTQ+ affirming therapy, along with lived experience as a member of the community.