Michael D. Soderstrom LPC-S

9432 Katy Freeway
Suite 400
Houston, Texas 77055
ADA Accessible
Phone: 832-971-0025
Narrative of Services:

Michael’s practice offers quality OCD evaluations, testing, and behavioral treatment for OCD. As a Clinical Supervisor, Michael trains and supervises counseling interns who are learning to become OCD specialists in Counseling. Our current counselor intern is working with my OCD clients for a significantly reduced fee! The intern is working with my clients to complete my individualized treatment plan for each client. Michael consults the intern weekly on clients. 95% of Michael’s practice is OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders and 5% is anxiety disorders. I have treated over 800 clients suffering from OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders.

Training Description:

Completed 12 years of introductory and advanced clinical workshops on how to treat OCD effectively and powerfully which are taught by the most esteemed and respected OCD therapists and researchers in the world. Attended the Behavior Therapy Training Institute’s three-day workshop instructed by McLean Hospital, an affiliated teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, Michael learned effective treatments for OCD. Michael has been successfully treating clients with OCD and anxiety disorders with evidence-based treatment for over 20 years. Michael has published two research articles addressing the treatment of anxiety in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine and The Journal of Psychology.

Diversity Statement:

While working for over 23 years in the city of Houston, Texas, which is now listed as the most diverse city in the United States of America, I have learned how to successfully work with clients from about every country in the world. I have developed very open, trustworthy, respectful, and professional relationships with all clients born in this country or from any other country in the world. I have been blessed to work with all races and religious backgrounds. My focus is always on the science of evidence-based treatment for OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders while respecting culture/spirituality.

I have taken two classes in graduate school and numerous continuing education seminars on multicultural counseling that focused on how to understand people from a wide variety of cultures and regions in the world. As graduate students, we learned and practiced different treatment styles counselors can use to make sure that people of all cultures and religions can feel respected and valued. This awareness is a sign that counselors can look at the world outside of their own “life-experience reality”.