Jason Spielman, PsyD


Director of Program Services

NeuroBehavioral Institute
2233 North Commerce Parkway, Suite 3
Weston, Florida 33326

Narrative of Services:

NeuroBehavioral Institute (NBI) focuses on developing and providing effective treatments and specialized services for psychological conditions, including OCD and other anxiety related issues, as well as multiple neurobiological, behavioral, and developmental disorders. At NBI, research-supported methods focused on specific patient needs are used. NBI offers a continuum of services encompassing psychoeducational workshops and seminars, psychological assessment and testing, implementation of treatment plans, and relapse prevention. Additionally, NBI provides intensive intervention options for those with severe or complex symptoms and for those who lack services where they live. Services at NBI are provided by licensed psychologists, all of whom have received training in the treatment of OCD and OC Spectrum disorders.