Sara W. Sutphin M.Ed., LPP

4010 Dupont Circle
Suite 600
Louisville, Kentucky 40207
ADA Accessible
Phone: 502-758-9878
Narrative of Services:

My practice specializes in the treatment of OCD and OCD Spectrum Disorders. On an outpatient basis, we treat hoarding, OCD, BFRBs, and other related disorders. This compromises %75-80 percent of my caseload. Over the last seven years, I have treated more than 150 individuals for OCD Spectrum Disorders.

Training Description:

I have specialized in the treatment of OCD, BFRBs, hoarding, and other OCD Spectrum Disorders for the last seven years. I have attended multiple IOCDF conference workshops and through the TLC Foundation.

Diversity Statement:

I have worked with many individuals in the LGBTQ+ community.

I have regularly attended CEUs dedicated to improve more cultural competency.