Chris Tammariello LCSW

Social Worker

Director, CBTS

2111 S. El Camino Real
Suite 302
Oceanside, California 92054
Narrative of Services:

10% of our practice provides treatment for OCD. We provide in-home/out of office sessions to insure Exposure Response Prevention treatment is more effectively being provided and the individual and their support know how to properly carry out their homework.

PTSD and OCD, and Skin picking and Trichotillomania and Depression are problems that we treat as they often co-occur.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

As a Board Certified Cognitive Therapist with the Academy of Cognitive Therapy since 2005, I have had over 20 years of experience using CBT and exposure with patients suffering from OCD, Phobias, Tics in addition to Mood and Affective Disorders. I have completed more intensive trainings with supervision through Dr. Edna Foa’s intensive training at University of Pennsylvania. However, I continue to receive training and keep abreast of current research in treating OCD disorders.

Diversity Statement:

As a benefit from working with large non-profit organizations, and with over 20 years experience, I have been able to work with a wide range of individuals with different cultural and social backgrounds. My advanced training and my educational background in Social Work continues to serve as a foundation to help provide services with a sensitivity to each individual and their cultural and life experience.