Kara Taylor LCSW

Social Worker
606 Washington Avenue
Bridgeville, Pennsylvania 15017
ADA Accessible
Phone: 412-444-8776
Narrative of Services:

I specialize in treating OCD and related disorders at OCD Spectrum in Pittsburgh, PA. I am skilled in Cognitive Therapy techniques and with Exposure and Response Prevention therapy for OCD. My clinical practice focuses heavily on OCD and related anxiety issues. My caseload is comprised of 90% patients with OCD.

Training Description:

I graduated from University of Pittsburgh with a Masters in Social Work in 2003. After spending 12+ years providing mental health services to the military population as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the USAF, I began working at OCD Spectrum in Pittsburgh. I learned how to use ERP in the effective treatment for OCD and phobias. Additionally, I have been receiving ongoing clinical supervision by Dr. Nick Flower at OCD Spectrum.

Treatment Groups:

ERP groups – date/time varies based upon need. Cost is $60 per group. For more information, go to: https://ocdpittsburgh.com/group-therapy-and-workshops/.