Jack Tsan PhD

8701 Shoal Creek Blvd
Austin, Texas 78757
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:

Approximately 25% of my client case load struggle with OCD. I currently practice as part of a group practice alongside the Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin located in Austin TX and have been with that group for 5 years and 6 months.

Training Description:

I completed a clinical research post doc at the Center of Excellence for Returning War Veterans specializing in PTSD and anxiety treatment and research along with occasional OCD. I also worked in the VA system for about 7-8 years and during that time worked with co-occurring anxiety + OCD. Subsequent to the VA, I joined a group practice at the Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin, and have treated OCD for 5 years and 6 months now.

Diversity Statement:

Currently, my caseload is about 50%-60% BIPOC clients. I have published research on diversity issues, see ResearchGate profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jack-Tsan

As a person of color who identifies as AAPI, I have a unique lens in working with clients who also identify with the AAPI community.

I was trained in the Counseling Psychology program at Univ of Houston, which there is a strong emphasis on multicultural counseling. Additionally, I have worked in diverse settings with large proportion of BIPOC clients such as the Valley VA Healthcare system where most clients are Hispanic, LatinX/A/E.

I am also the owner and program director at The Multicultural Counseling Institute in which we provide CE training centered on diversity and I have also taught courses on race and cultural issues. My most recent CE training was on Cultural Considerations in Mindfulness-Based Treatments.