Amber Ufford PhD

792 Union Street
Second Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11215
Narrative of Services:

Through my private practice I offer CBT, E/RP, ACT, SPACE, and PCIT. My therapy services tend to be via individual therapy, though I also work with parents of children with OCD to reduce accommodations using SPACE. Approximately 25% of my current caseload presents with OCD or a related disorder.

Training Description:

I completed a virtual pediatric BTTI training in 2023. Additionally, I received my doctoral training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy treating anxiety and OCD at Hofstra University, and received specific OCD and E/RP training during my practicum and postdoctoral fellowship at Northwell Health – Zucker Hillside Hospital. I also worked as a licensed staff psychologist treating patients with OCD and anxiety at Cognitive Behavioral Consultants for 5 years, including peer consultation with experts in the field.