Stephanie S. Upchurch LPC, MHSP

5425 Harding Pike
Suite 227
Nashville, Tennessee 37205
Narrative of Services:

My current practice is approximately 50 % OCD and 50 % anxiety disorders. I have treated approximately 30-50 patients suffering from OC and OC related disorders. My expected treatment course is approximately 16 weeks.

I treat anxiety and OC related disorders that co-occur with mood disorders and eating disorders. I utilize CBT with ACT and behavioral activation.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:
I received extensive training with Rogers Memorial Hospital while opening their PHP and IOP programs in Nashville which included a 2 week CBT university provided by Rogers’ clinical psychologists. I also recently attended an online training with Massachusetts General Hospital and am on the waiting list for the February BTTI. I do plan to register for the fall BTTI as well (if and when available).

Diversity Statement:

I treat an equal number of men and women of all ages.

I’ve received numerous training around multi cultural competence through online course work and workshops.