Jayme Valdez, LMHC

469 Chandler Street
Worcester, Massachusetts 01532

Narrative of Services:

I am dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders. 90% of my practice is clients diagnosed with OCD or a related anxiety disorder. In addition to office visits, I offer home- and community-based sessions to more effectively treat OCD, phobias, and social anxiety. I travel to the client to conduct ERP and make every attempt to tailor a client’s treatment to their individual needs. I pride myself on using a collaborative approach with other treatment providers and don’t hesitate to utilize the expertise of adjunctive therapeutic specialists in a client’s treatment. My style is warm, personable, directive, and flexible.

Training Description:

I received my Masters Degree from Lesley University and interned at McLean Hospital — a Harvard-affiliated psychiatric hospital in Belmont, MA. I have over 15 years of practical experience in treating OCD, anxiety, and related disorders in a variety of formats, including home- and community-based interventions, inpatient units, community service agencies, and individual and group private practices.