Christopher Vickers, LPC-MHSP

2868 Summer Oaks Drive
Bartlett, Tennessee 38134

Narrative of Services:

I have worked with 5 very severe cases of OCD at varying levels of care (PHP, Inpatient, etc.). Most cases, however, approach the lower levels of intensity in which symptoms are prominent, but do not consistently justify a clinical diagnosis; that is, the behaviors are usually more circumscribed and cause impairment in times of crisis or stress. Of these latter instances, I have worked with roughly two dozen persons.

The most frequently encountered situation is the co-occurrance of varied anxiety and mood disorders in addition to the obsession. However, I have also dealt with many cases where latter are in combination with a Cluster B or C personality disorder.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

My background is informed by years working in speciality clinics and inpatient care. The therapeutic approach I follow is largely CBT-bases, but with significant influence of Bowen Family System Theory and recent trends in French psychoanalysis.