Lauren Wadsworth, PhD


Founder & Director, GVP

200 White Spruce Blvd
Suite 220
Rochester, New York 14623

Narrative of Services:

Genesee Valley Psychology (GVP) includes 2 tracks: Anxiety Disorders Track, and the Substance and Trauma Track. Thus, 50% of our practice is Anxiety Disorders. Dr. Wadsworth is the director of the Anxiety Track, and all of her practice is comprised of individuals with anxiety disorders, about 50% with primary OCD.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

Following obtaining her BA at Smith College, Dr. Wadsworth worked at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, starting a Compulsive Hoarding Treatment Program. Specializing in research and treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Dr. Wadsworth obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Dr. Wadsworth completed her predoctoral internship at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School’s Behavioral Health Partial Program where she worked primarily with severe and heterogenous psychopathology in a partial hospital setting. Dr. Wadsworth completed her postdoctoral fellowship at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Institute (OCDI) and the College Mental Health Program (CMHP).

Diversity Statement:

I identify as queer, and have a commitment to continuously increasing my cultural competency as a clinician to serving individuals who hold a range of marginalized identities (e.g. across race, gender, sexual orientation, indigenous heritage, ability status, etc.)

I attended graduate school at the University of Massachusetts Boston, which is a “scientist-practitioner-activist” model. This program seeks to train psychologists to consider all aspects of identity/diversity in the conceptualization and treatment of their clients. Additionally, a large percentage of my research focuses on improving quality of care for underserved populations. However, I also know that as a white psychologist, I may not be an ideal fit for all patients with marginalized identities, and thus do my best to refer to therapists with the best identity fits.