Shari Wasserstein Elice PhD

226 Waterman Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02906
Narrative of Services:

I work with children and adolescents and their parents, as well as adults, to manage OCD and anxiety symptoms in a private practice outpatient setting. Although I also treat patients with other disorders (e.g., depression), my main focus is on OCD and anxiety, with more than 50% of my practice dedicated to OCD patients. I have been successfully treating patients with OCD and anxiety since 1996.

Training Description:

I participated in internship and post-doctoral training at the Brown University Medical School Clinical Psychology Training Consortium from 1996-1999 at the Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital in East Providence, RI. My area of focus was on childhood anxiety and OCD, which also often resulted in simultaneous treatment of parents’ own anxiety and OCD. I have been working with patients with OCD since that time (19 years), and it is the majority focus of my practice.