Hilary Weingarden PhD

185 Devonshire St
Suite 902
Boston, Massachusetts 02110
Narrative of Services:

In my private practice, I work with adults with BDD, OCD, and related disorders (e.g., hair pulling, skin picking, anxiety disorders, hoarding disorder). I use empirically supported interventions, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure with ritual prevention (ERP), and mindfulness techniques.

Facilities accessible by clients of all mobility levels: Yes

Training Description:

I received my PhD from George Mason University, where my dissertation was focused on the roles of shame and anxiety within BDD and OCD. I completed my clinical internship and postdoctoral fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, within the MGH OCD and Related Disorders Program. I am now a staff psychologist at the MGH OCD Program and an Instructor at Harvard Medical School, where I’m involved in both research and treatment.