Cali C Werner LMSW

Social Worker


708 East 19th Street
Houston, Texas 77008
Phone: 713-526-5055
Narrative of Services:

Practice is primarily for OCD, specific phobias, perfectionistic tendencies, and distorted thinking patterns. Through professional and personal experiences, I am dedicated to helping others obtain that life-changing sense of hope, freedom, resilience and confidence that evidence-based care provides.

Training Description:

My clinical interests and areas of expertise include OCD, athletes’ repetitive and ritualistic performance inhibiting behaviors, confidence, and anxiety surrounding performance in sport.

Diversity Statement:

I completed my undergraduate at Rice, and my master’s at Baylor. While at Rice as a student-athlete obtaining my degree in Sport Management, I was diagnosed with OCD.

Treatment changed my life. My love for my sport reignited as OCD tendencies dissipated. All this to say, my personal experience pushed my career transition into mental health. In 2020, I competed in the U.S. Olympic Trials in the marathon. I now have a love for my sport again thanks to my own therapy experience.

I am currently still racing while seeing patients and obtaining my Ph.D. in social work.

My current research on OCD and perfectionism in athletics in addition to my own personal experiences with OCD coincides with my love for running. I am dedicated to raising awareness and speaking on behalf of those with mental illness by educating, providing resources, and hope.