Madison White PsyD

867 Boylston St
5th Floor #1108
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
ADA Accessible
Narrative of Services:


Training Description:

I have 4 years of experience treating OCD. I completed a 12-credit continuing education workshop titled “Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP): The Gold Standard in Anxiety & OCD Treatment” through The Knowledge Tree. Additionally, I attended a 3-credit webinar on “Using ACT with Anxiety and OCD, including ACT-informed Exposure” through the Massachusetts Psychological Association. I also participated in the OCD New Hampshire annual conference, “Live Free with ERP & ACT.”

Diversity Statement:

I completed a pre-doctoral internship at Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in DC, participating in five hours per week of didactic seminars, including a Cultural Competency Seminar. As a graduate student at the University of Hartford, I served as an executive board member and social justice coordinator for the Multicultural and Diversity Committee. I was also a member of the Diversity Advocate Subcommittee, Diversity Admissions Subcommittee, and Diversity Curricula Subcommittee.