K. Elaine Williams PhD

3615-F Chain Bridge Rd.
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 703 577 6800
Narrative of Services:

About 75 % of the clients I am treating at any one time have OCD or a related disorder. I have treated approximately 400 people with OCD during the past 33 years.

Training Description:

I had the good fortune of being trained by some of the leaders in the field of anxiety disorders and OCD while I attended graduate school at American University in the 1980s and 1990s. The cognitive-behavioral treatment of OCD and other anxiety disorders has been my specialty field ever since. I apply the strategies of research supported interventions in a personalized way for each person.

Diversity Statement:

My practice is located in Northern Virginia, which is an area rich in diversity. The ethnic/cultural diversity of the area is reflected among my clients. Although many are Caucasian of European descent, many others have ancestry from Mid-Eastern and Asian cultures. There are some people in my practice from African American and Hispanic families.

I have attended several workshops and seminars that focused on the different experiences of people from minority ethnic backgrounds and of people who have recently immigrated from another country.