Jake A. Winchester LPC, LAC

834 S Perry St Suite F #724
Castle Rock, Colorado 80104-1918
ADA Accessible
Email: jake@jwcc.us
Narrative of Services:

I provide primarily video sessions for adults and adolescents with OCD and related diagnoses. Practice is 95% OCD with co-occuring and related diagnoses making up the remainder.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders:

I have experience working with a variety of anxiety diagnoses including phobias, GAD, and panic disorder. I also have experience working with depression and other mood diagnoses.

Training Description:

I have completed training for Exposure and Response Prevention within the workplace, self-paced study, and the 2023 BTTI in St. Louis, MS; I have experience providing ERP to individuals 12+ years of age. I have completed training in CBT, ACT, MI, and other modalities.

Diversity Statement:

For my five initial years of work, I was working with populations experiencing homelessness, including a wide range of ethnicities, gender expressions, LQBTQ+, ages, abilities/disabilities, and more. I continue to complete ongoing trainings in diversity and inclusion. I do my best to be welcoming and affirming of all populations that work with me.