Chaunce R Windle Ph.D.


Director of Clinical Training

Eugene Center for Anxiety and Stress
Eugene, Oregon 97401
ADA Accessible
Phone: 541-357-9764
Narrative of Services:

The Eugene Center for Anxiety and Stress offer evidenced-based treatment for anxiety disorders. We prioritize treatment of individuals with OCD Spectrum Disorders, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and Specific Phobias. Our primary treatment modalities are ERP, CBT, and ACT. In addition, we are committed to serving marginalized populations and to approaching our work with cultural humility and awareness of how bias and discrimination impact the well-being of diverse populations.

Training Description:

I am a staff psychologist and the Director of Clinical Training at Eugene Center for Anxiety and Stress. I have attended numerous trainings related to treating OCD and related disorders, included the BTTI training through the IOCDF. I also provide regular didactic trainings to our professional staff and trainees on topics such as OCD Spectrum Disorders, ERP, and ACT.

Diversity Statement:

We are explicitly anti-oppression as a core value in our work. We acknowledge systems of power that grant privilege and access unequally such that inequity and injustice result. As an organization, we show our commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression through self-examination and organizational examination of internalized biases, ideas, and areas of privilege on a regular basis (both formally and informally). With clients, we encourage discussions about the impact of oppression on their lived experience. We have gender inclusive bathrooms that are also ADA-compliant, as well as chairs in waiting rooms and offices to accommodate clients of different sizes.

I have particular expertise and interest in working with LGBTQI clients. I also provide assessments for gender diverse individuals who are seeking letters of support for hormone therapy or surgical interventions to reduce gender dysphoria. In addition to these areas of expertise, I am interested in exploring how microaggressions impact the therapeutic relationship and therapy outcomes, and in providing trainings to mental health professionals on responding to microaggressions in therapy in ways that promote growth and positive change.