Dahlia Woods MD

830 Stewart Drive
Suite 130
Sunnyvale, California 94085
ADA Accessible
Phone: 6506030604
Narrative of Services:

I would say that 25-50% of my patients have OCD and/or OC Related disorders. I offer in person and/or video therapy. I have provided intensive 1:1 treatment for many patients locally and from out of town. The format is designed to meet a person’s specific needs and address their treatment goals. A common model for people from out of town would be treatment with 3-8 intensive individual psychotherapy hours per day over the course of 2-12 days.

I treat a variety of co-occurring disorders such as other anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, and eating disorders. I specialize in psychotherapy (TEAM-CBT, ERP, and other modalities), medication management with the option of genetic testing, and intensive treatment. Treatment structure varies based on if I am managing medication, providing therapy, or both. If I am only managing medication, I tend to see patients longer term (anywhere from six months to several years) every few weeks at the beginning and less frequently (every one to three months) as they stabilize. If I am providing therapy, I create an individualized approach that fits with the patient’s schedule, stamina, anxiety level, motivation, and goals. I may meet with a patient anywhere from once a week to intensively for several hours a day, several days, for a series of weeks. I do ERP with patients and never ask a patient to do something I won’t do. I often model exposures before having patients perform them themselves.

Training Description:

I am a board certified psychiatrist with over 10 years of experience. I am a Level 4 TEAM Certified Therapist and Trainer. TEAM (Testing, Empathy, Agenda setting, and Methods) therapy builds upon traditional cognitive behavioral therapy by incorporating an emphasis on the therapeutic alliance and using motivational techniques to melt away patients’ resistance to change. I have extensive training in ERP and use this as a “method” within the framework of TEAM. I trained at the Stanford OCD clinic and have pursued subspecialty training in rumination-focused CBT, obsessive-compulsive disorder, BDD, BFRBs (body-focused repetitive behaviors), and hoarding disorder.

I have taken many cultural competency courses and have extensive experience with diverse populations.