Patricia A. Worthey PhD

144 Railroad Ave., #227
Edmonds, Washington 98020
Narrative of Services:

I treat individuals and families touched by OCD. I use Exposure and Ritual Prevention along with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (i.e., Cognitive Restructuring, Scripts, Monitoring, Fear Hierarchies, etc.) and other evidence-based treatments to help clients cope and transcend OCD. I have treated well over 100 OCD individuals and their families in my practice. I never surprise or force clients to do anything, as I firmly believe all of the treatment has to be under their control. I have sometimes thought that OCD behaviors might be funny, except for what a devastating and profound impact they can have on clients. My goal is to help individuals and family members trapped in the OCD rituals and behaviors emerge fully with increased joy and zest for life.

Training Description:

I am a licensed psychologist in Edmonds, Washington, and I have enjoyed being in private practice and treating OCD and other disorders for almost twenty years now. More recently, I graduated from the International OCD Foundation's Behavior Therapy Training Institute, updating my interventions and implementing the latest research-based OCD treatments. While I do not prescribe OCD medication, I do work with practitioners who prescribe if clients want medication to be a part of their overall treatment plan. I enjoy working with OCD patients and their families.